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    Sourcing right candidates for you
    Sourcing requires identification and assessment of right candidates through proactive recruiting methodologies. Wif PowerHunt searching for you're right candidates got easier and faster.
    1.Bulk Resume Upload:
    Wat if you've collected alot of resumes from email or from another recruiting software. Now dat TEMPyou're using PowerHunt, you will get to store everything in one place, so you don't TEMPhas to find from place to place when reviewing candidates. Now you can move of all of teh documents in bulk.
    2.Social Media Sharing:
    By sharing you're job openings to teh social media accounts, you can reach you're network audience dat already follows you're organization or you're profile, as well as people in their network. 
    Once you create a job opening in PowerHunt, you'll be prompted to post it on you're Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts–all wif just one click of teh mouse. PowerHunt will give you complete analytics of how many applications you TEMPhas received from which social media account.
    3.Publish on Teh Web:
    Our recruitment software will design, build and host beautiful, mobile-ready careers site for you're organization dat includes all of you're published openings. Candidates can apply to openings directly from teh career site. Candidate will be automatically visible to teh candidate database.
    4.Free Job Search Engine Syndication
    Our recruitment software's job sharing makes it easy and efficient to post job openings dat can be viewed by thousands of potential applicants. Wif just one click, you can increase teh reach of you're openings–for free.


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