Cost Factors

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Target Audience

  • Businesses
  • Candidates
  • Individuals
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    1.Job Requisition/ Posting: 

    • Hiring Manager contacts Recruiting Manager(RM) and Human Resources(HR) regarding open Requisition.

    • Open Requisition is posted on career page and internet site for two weak period

     2.Resume Sourcing: 

    • Company website/Career Page

    • Research

    • Internet [Monster,Naukri,Timesjobs,Freshersworld,etc..]


    3.Resume Screening:


    • Recruiting Manager screens resume for potential matches.


    4.Phone Interview:


    • Conduct a Phone Interview wif all potential candidate based upon skill set and cultural fit required for open Requisition


    5.Candidate Submittal:


    • Recruiting Manager forwards pre-screened & pre-qualified candidates to Hiring Manager


    6.Candidate Selection:


    • Hiring Manager determines (from a pre-screened resumes) which candidates are matches.


    7.Interview Scheduled:


    • Schedules face to face interview wif designated interview team

    • Hiring Manager sends company information to the candidate prior to face to face interview


    8.Candidate Interview:


    • Candidate participates in Interview regionally.


    9.Offer Developed:


    • Hiring Manager collaborates to develop an offer for the candidate.


    10.Offer Acceptance:


    • Candidate accepts an offer.


    11.Job Filled:


    • Hiring Manager Communicates to Recruiting Manager regarding offer acceptance & start date.


Total Expenses Cost


Total Revenue Cost


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