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Target Audience

                The follwong Target Audience are use in lead management model

1) Real Estate - Agency, Agent,Builder             6) Hospital- Doctors,Receptionist 

2) Medical - Owner, Distrubutors                     7) Hotel/Restaurant -  HR,Account,front Office,Banquet,security

3) College/School - Clerk                          

4) IT Service - HR, Employee                                       

5) Mobile Shop - Owner, Distrubutors                                            



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    Lead management model is useful for Different types of businesses. All types of information related to lead can be stored in this model. Also,  user of this model can do higher level management of this information
        Modules can be used in Lead Management as follows.

    1) Lead - You can use these modules to store all information about your business related person.

    2) Contact - These modules can be used to store  business related contact and  all their information

    3) Call - Use of these modules in your business can be direct contact and keep records of the contacts that are kept, timing stored.

    4) E-mail – In this modules you can send information through e-mails to persons in your contact.


    5) Expenses - In these modules you can keep records of expenses incurred in your business.


    6)  Meeting-You can store all the information about the meeting in these modules


    7)  Sms- use of these modules is you can send sms to your lead.


    8) Mail merge Report-In this modules you can genarate all information in ms-word, xl-sheet


Total Expenses Cost


Total Revenue Cost


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