Cost Factors

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Target Audience

  1. Small Scale Food Restaurants.
  2. New Business of Restaurants.
  3. Middle-Class Restaurant Business Man
  4. New in Software Field.
  5. Low Budget Food Restaurant
  6. Business Man who need Basic Software requirement.
Discover the features


    Ideadunes Restaurant Management (IRM)  offer you the Customer Relationship Management tool to manage your Targeted Audience or Potential Customers by sending them Bulk SMS.

    The Restaurant business Models are extremely diverse, But all restaurant business models have in common to a target maximum group of customers first. To aim, the large group of the audience every restaurant must have CRM tool.

    Ideadunes provides the system where you can manage your Potential Customers as well as sending Bulk SMS to your targeted audience.

    What, If you can Send bulk messages about the new dish or about any new offer and manage the list of your Potential Customers within the same tool.

    Isn't it Wonderful? 


    • Send your buyers an SMS about their new and attractive offers that have to be utilized within a particular time period. Create a content like a hurry up, don’t miss the chance, limited time offer etc. this type of content surely attracts users and he will not miss the opportunity to get the offer.
    • In every restaurant & bar clients receives a feedback form after their meal but sending them a text message and asking them about their experience, about your food.



Total Expenses Cost


Total Revenue Cost


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