How My Restaurant Adventure Came to an End

How My Restaurant Adventure Came to an End

In 2009, I built my first restaurant, and my last. I didn’t think it would make a profit in the first three years, and it didn’t. It was one of my few projections that was right on the money.

I wrote about my experiences in this blog for two years. My last post was March 2012. My last night as owner of Southfork Kitchen was April 3, 2013. With a sense of failure, of accomplishment, of relief, shame, commencement and confession, I will tell you what happened while you were away. Restaurant people love to tell stories. Sometimes, that’s all they have.

In the beginning was the word, many words. I had just finished writing a book for Simon & Schuster, and my wife said, “Get out of the house.” What, honey? “Get out. Go see how the real world works.” It was 2008, I was 62 and ill-suited for retirement, a notion that struck me as being enjoyable as a Caribbean cruise in the summer time, nothing but ennui and health hazards.

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