Fashion clothing and accessories

Removing blackness from the charms and enhancement with true colors

Enhancement of charms by giving lighting effect on white background

Digital enhancement of chain pendent with retouching

Digital enhancement of chain pendent with retouching on it

Enhanced the gold color of the bracelet and give natural shadow

Giving more blighter and enhanced look to the bracelet

Removig imperfection from the cloth and adding shine to it

Changing Original Background of cloth to White Background

Removing extra shadows from the inner part of the watch to look clean and enhance it

Removing background of watch with enhacement

Removing imperfection from the watch with enhacement

Digital enhancement of wath on white background

Removing hanger from the jacket and giving depthness inner side by natural shadow

Removing hanger from the cloth through retouching

Changing Original Background of model to White Background

Placing Night Dress on white backgrond with color correction

Showing front and back of watch on white background with color correction

Removing Darkness from the watch with brightness

Changing Original Background of cap to White Background

Changing original background of cap to white background and enhance it to look brighter

Removig background and give brighness to stole

Sunglasses cover on white background with enahncement

Changing the background of purse to white background

Showing purse on white background with adding brightness

Removing glare and back side from the sunglasses with cleanliness of the background

Imperfections removed with high end enhancement and shadow

Imperfections removed of sunglass place on white background with enhancement

High end retouchig of sunglass with enhancement and color correction