Jewellery Image Editing

Removing blurness from the shank of ring and placed on white background

Removing spots and cracks with proper retouching of metal part

High End retouching and enhanced stone and metal

Removing yellowish tone from the ring with proper retouching of metal and stones

Basic Jewelry Retouching of earing with natural reflection

Recreating blur part of the ring and enhancement of metal ad color stone

Removing extra shadows and dullness with enhancement of silver metal

Recreating uneven black reflection and give proper color to metal

Metal enhancement of ring with proper highlights and shadows with enhancement

Improving yellow and white colored gold shades with enhancemnet of stones

Improving image details with enhancement of stones

High end retouching on metal part with enhancement

Enhanced Metal retouching with sharpness of brown stones

Retouching of white Gold ring and change its color to gold

Retouching of Diamond ring with enhancement

Retouching of multiple rings in one image with colored stones

Retouching of gold ring and convert into 2 different metal colors

Retouching of Gold ring with enhancement and sharpness

Editing of Gold chain on white background with enhancemnet of color tone

Editing of gold Neckless on white background with enahncement of color tone

Remove dust and spots fro the metaland give proper metal color with enhancement

Enhanced Gold earing with bright color tone

High End retouching of earing with enhanced stones

Image editing of Rose Gold Earing with enhancemnet of stones and different color tones

Improving yellow color Gold shade with retouching

Removing blemishness from the metal part and enhance the color tone

Retouchig of multiple color metal in one bangle with enhanced stoes

Enhancement of ring with proper highlights, midtone and shadows

Retouching and color correction of earing with enhancement of metal and diamonds

Enhanced you shape ring with natural shank

Give proper shank of ring with enhancement of metal part and stone

Recreating the blurred originally with enhancement of metal part and diamonds

Retouching of Rose Gold earing and convert it into two more different colors

High End Retouching for banner images

High End retouching for banner

High End Jewelry retouching of silver ring and presenting it in three differen colors

Removing blemishness from metal with enhanced stones

High End retouching of earings with metal and stone enhancement

Blinks and reflections correction, improvement of highlights and shades

Retouching of ring originally with enhancement of diamond and color stones

Yellowish tone removed from the metal and enhancement of ring with originality

Proper metal retouching and Enhancing dull or bad contrast of earing

Retouching of metal part originally with enhancement of diamonds and color stones

Removing imperfections with enhanced metal and pearl

Blemishes removed,metal enhancement improvement of highlights and shades

Digital enhancement of earing with high end retouching and color correction

Proper retouching of metal and enhancement in diamods

Clear dust and bad reflection with bright color tone of colored stones

Enhancement of white and black color stones with enhancement of metal

Retouching of Black and white stones ring with enhancement

Removing unwanted reflection from the ring with enhancement of metal, white and blackstoes