Digital Image Editing

Jewellery Retouching

We follow a specialised way of Jewellery retouching. Keeping in my mind the value and demand of a jewellery we pay proper attention to deliver a flawless job in retouching Jewellery items. Nowadays a lot of Store owners, e commerce sites are using Jewellery retouching services to place their products to their customers in an attractive manner.

A customer or not a customer everyone wants to go through an attractive and impressive catalog. We perfect the flaws and make sure the products in the catalog look as appealing as they really are by retouching them in numerous ways like remove spots, adjusting contract, removing dullness, choosing the best colour combinations, background removal,etc.

We provide the following services dedicated specially for Jewellery retouching:-

  • Cropping the Jewellery: We crop the Jewellery image to a white/different background. Thereafter we work towards colour and clarity of the product.
  • Image size and scale: We work on proper image sizing for catalog, website, ads, poster, etc so that they look attractive in every kind of picture which is made available to customers regardless of zoom, thumbnail, A4, etc.
  • Illumination and Color:- Our team of experts can colour the product the way the client wants, with work on brightness, colour, contrast and toning.
  • Spot Removal: We remove Spots, Stains, moulds from the jewellery to give it a cleaner and crisp look.
  • Damage repair: We repair scratches, tear and crack from the images to give the Jewellery a flawless and attractive look.
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Image Retouching

It costs a lot to produce good photographs even a small fault in the picture can ruin its value. Ideadunes has helped a lot of companies globally to improve their pictures and give it a better presentation. We use photoshop retouching to remove blemishes, spots etc. We make sure that we give the image what the clients wants with it.

We save a lot of time and efforts and provide our clients with a peace of mind by delivering the results in stipulated time.

Flawless images are the key to run few major business, and also necessary for corporates to aggregate their current market perception. We give a lot of attention in retouching images from background to lighting. Our Image Retouching service includes the following features:-

  • Restore Photograph
  • Image Colorization
  • Makeup modification
  • Image Masking
  • Dust removal
  • Corporate photo retouching
  • Color conversion
  • Wedding Image retouching
  • Jewellery retouching
  • Food & Beverage photo retouching
  • Vehicle Image retouching
  • Model portfolio retouching

Our Graphic designers are capable of handling any task from red eye reduction to multiple overhauls of image parts. We work on your pictures seriously and deliver excellent results in limited time.

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Beauty Retouching

A beauty is only appreciated when its flawless. We believe every beauty can be made flawless, because its not the beauty which has a flaw but the picture. We believe in developing images which capture the essence of the subject.

  • Whitening of Teeth
  • Wrinkle removal
  • Brightness, Contrast & Color correction
  • Skin colour modification (light or dark)
  • Thickening and thinning of body parts (lip, eyebrows, face, chin, neck, waist)
  • Changing colour (eye, hair, lip)
  • Color formats (Sepia, B&W, etc)
  • Make up and Glamour inclusion
  • Skin smoothening
  • Photo Slimming
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Vector Inking

Vector Inking makes an image capable to enlarge without loosing its original quality. Illustration is one of the quickest and most meaningful way of communicating your message to the world. Vector Inking makes the process easier by keeping the quality intact on whatever might be the size of the promotion material where the illustration has to be used. No redesigning hassles, No extra billings. We provide expert consulting on finding solutions for for designing vector graphics for your logo, ad, signage, banner. etc.

We use the latest technologies and techniques to manipulate images and make sure that the client receives as per their expectations. We are capable to work in different formats such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, RAW etc. We can convert one format to another. We work on Photoshop CS, CS 2 for Photo manipulation services.

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Background Removal

A professional picture is a one which is presentable, clear and detailed. Sometimes background fail to deliver the quality of the product which is in the picture. Background removal helps in emphasising the product by either elimination or editing the background. Background removal is a service which help you eliminate objects, background, shadows from the image and give it an attractive look.

Our designers use latest technologies for removing background and make the image look natural, high quality and clear.

Given below are our background editing services:-

  • Remove Background
  • Remove person from background
  • Spot removal
  • Replacing the background
  • Re-creating the background
  • Add or remove objects from the background
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Fashion and Product Image Editing

A nice picture is what a Fashion Photographer aspires for. By using our Fashion and Product Image editing services you can build your flawlessportfolio or post them on social networks or use them on your e commerce venture.

You can add depth to your pictures and remove all the imperfections which are visible, our designers work day and night to reach and surpass client expectations. We at Ideadunes provide all kinds of fashion and product image editing services like:-

  • Cropping
  • Shade, Light enhancement and reduction
  • Shadow, Color saturation
  • Contrast balance
  • Background Edit
  • Shape sculpture
  • Color replacement and enhancement
  • Spots removal
  • Add or remove objects
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Photo Restoration

Photographs are one of the most cherished memories and in some cases an invaluable asset. Some photos get destroyed by time, some by accidents, natural disasters, there are a lot of reasons which may destroy your dearest possessions. We at Ideadunes believe in recreating and repairing them for you so that you can cherish them again and again. We use digital technology, graphic experts and loads of experience in restoring a photograph back into its original form or even better than the original form. We prepare a digital image of the file which means it will stick with you as long as you want it to stay with you with no accidents, or disasters spoiling its form.

Restoration processes are unique and should be quoted individually. It totally depends on the amount of damage to the product or the number of changes required in it.

Our photo restoration services include:-

  • Damaged photograph restoration (minor, medium, severe)
  • Faded photograph repairing
  • Recreating missing pieces in a photo
  • Spot, stain, scratch, smudge removal
  • Physical damage repair (torn, cracked)
  • Color correction
  • Repairing damaged documents
  • Water, Sun damage photo restoration
  • B&W to color photograph
  • Adding, removing objects/text from the photo
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Photo Manipulation

It is the process of correcting or enhancing images through analog or digital procedures. It involves manipulating and modifying a photograph to add features to it and give it a better look.
We can improve the quality of your image in numerous way here at Ideadunes.

Experts at Ideadunes have a lot of experience and expertise in photo enhancement services as well. We have served clients globally in various domains for photo manipulation services.

We offer the following services under photo manipulation services to our client:-

  • Cropping, resizing
  • Rough Edge removal
  • Spots, Wrinkle, scratch removal
  • Image conversion to sketch, painting or cartoons
  • Adding, replacing and removing objects
  • Removing, adding or replacing people in a group
  • Background removal, replacement
  • Color, Contrast, Tone, Light Intensity

We use the latest technologies and techniques to manipulate images and make sure that the client receives as per their expectations. We are capable to work in different formats such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, RAW etc. We can convert one format to another. We work on Photoshop CS, CS 2 for Photo manipulation services.

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Clipping Path

We at Ideadunes provide exceptional clipping path services, to give the image a proper look and perfect manipulation.

It is an outline which is put all across the image that helps us in the outlined image selection and removing it from the background of the picture.

Clipping path is often referred as "closed vector path”. After we outline the picture with clipping path the inside content of the picture is included in the selection while the outside is left out.
Eg. E-commerce. You got your recent package delivery of Jewellery from China, you want to put that on your website but the pictures of the jewellery is not as impressive as they really are. You need to use clipping path to remove everything in the background of the jewellery picture to make it look exclusive.

Our skilled executives here use Adobe Photoshop for clipping path, pen tool is used for outlining the images. It is the most precise tool available in image editing for clipping path techniques. Few of the companies also use Magic Wand for Clipping Path purposes but the results of Magic wand are terrible. Imprecise outlines, pixellated edges give the picture a very unattractive and unprofessional look.

We provide our clients with fine tuned images, well defined edges, which is the most important requirement for publishing.

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Real Estate Photo Retouching

For a realtor, the images posted on his website or a property website is a major decider of customer’s interest in the property. A picture which is dark or gloomy is often neglected by the customers just because of the look of it on the picture, however in reality they also might miss on a great deal just because of a loosely taken photograph.

We provide an array of services dedicatedly for real estate image retouching service. We correct angles of the pictures which have been not taken from the right angle.

We provide a lot of suggestions for improvement in real estate pics like brightness, contrast, colour palette, etc. to meet the needs of the client.We provide the following services to our real estate images:-

  • Image Enhancement:- Exposure, Color, Contrast, Brightness, White Balance, Shadows, Noise reduction.
  • Correcting perspectives:- Eliminating distortions from vertical and horizontal perspectives, Curve and Level adjustment.
  • Photo Stitch:- Creating 360 degree images by impeccable blending using multiple pictures and make a single image.
  • Sky:- Sky color, removal, replacement, add clouds.
  • Angle adjustment
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