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Ecommerce Web Design

E-commerce includes trading in online goods, services, retail and marketplace services using the Internet. E commerce has a wider reach to customers, is of low cost and is one of the best methods to serve the current customer base and penetrate newer markets. Given in right hands a successful implementation can increase the sales and revenue exponentially.

At Ideadunes we pay careful attention to client requirements, product understanding and analysis, customer base segmentation and analysis, client systems and processes thereafter we design a complete and comprehensive e-commerce service/solution which is apt for your business needs.

  • We have provided services to our clients globally and are very flexible in deciding to the latest technology development platform/language which might be suiting your needs.
  • We are innovative and believe in the essence of design. A customer friendly, elegant design helps increase conversion rates.
  • We help pulling the enormous social media towards your website by integrating them with the most popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
  • We offer multiple cart options and we provide consulting services to streamline your processes as well.
  • We provide internet marketing services including Managed SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Management) services and Google AdWords Campaigns.
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Responsive Web Design

It is a website which is flexible, adaptive and multi device accessible. This website can adapt itself to every unique visitor’s device regardless of its type like desktop, tablet, mobile phone etc. A responsive website takes user comfort to another level by automatically resizing its content and images for various screen sizes it provides users an effective and easy to use interface.

We design beautifully adaptive responsive websites which will in turn increase conversion rates and web traffic.

We prepare your business to compete with the future mobile web spreading widespread at a rate which is more or less similar to the internet.

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