How I Make Money While Traveling

How I Make Money While Traveling

Talking about money is weird, but I think the time has come.

Every week I get around half a dozen emails along the lines of “how can I make money while traveling?” or “How do I monetize my blog?” I’m always a little bit loathe to answer, not because it’s a secret, but because as time goes on, I think of myself less and less as a person who makes money by traveling, and more as a person who is lucky enough to have a job that allows me to travel. Almost anyone would have a hard time emulating my career choices, which have been a mix of luck, taking absurd risks and crazy hard work.

Nonetheless, I understand why people are curious. So, skipping anything super personal like actual numbers (let’s just say it’s less than I made before I quit my office job, but still enough to get by and the number is growing each year), here is a breakdown of how I make money to travel

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